Affordable Gifts For Your Extended Family

Decorated Christmas Cookies for Christmas Present

Ah, the joy of giving. Getting a gift for everyone in your extended family will no doubt bring you happiness and joy, but it might not be kind to your bank account. This year, make a budget for your extended family and use some of these wonderful and affordable gift ideas to help you stay on track.

Movie Night in a Box

The bargain bin of DVDs at your local supermarket is a low-cost cornucopia of entertainment.  If you have a family member who is a movie buff, build them a basket with a couple of bargain-bin movies, popcorn, and sodas.

Second Hand Books

Sharing your favorite books with your loved ones is a gift for you and your family members. Your aunt, uncle, or cousin gets a new book to read. You get a new person to gush about your favorite characters with. If you’re not okay with gifting the books from your personal library, head to your favorite second hand book store. You’ll likely find it for several dollars below list price.

Comfort Bundle

If you’re shopping for older relatives, comfort items will likely be very appreciated. Find a pair of comfy slippers, a robe, or a pajama set. Then, stuff the slippers or pockets with lotions, shampoos, conditioner, or body butter. If you use this idea, you can buy the travel or sample sizes to make it an even more affordable gift to give several people.

Surprise Journal

You can find packs of moleskins or decorative notebooks to gift for family members who like to write. They can use them to chronicle their life’s journey, record ideas, or keep track of their projects and to-do lists. To make the journals extra special, pick out a few random pages and jot down a surprise note of encouragement or inspiration.

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Edible Gifts

If you have a large extended family to shop for, edible gifts are a cost effective way to cross everyone’s name off your list. Make several batches of sugar cookies, brownies, cupcakes, or other sweet treats. Then wrap or box them in festive packaging.

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