Safety Tips For July 4 Fireworks

A sparkling firework display on the ground.

Independence Day is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. On this day, you might have a picnic or barbecue. You may check out a parade or spend leisurely time with your family on this beautiful summer day. But watching fireworks shows and setting off fireworks are among the most popular activities on this holiday. The spectacle of seeing fireworks is exciting. However, it is important to be safe with and around them. By following some tips suggested by NPR this patriotic holiday, you and your family can have an enjoyable day this Fourth of July.

Watch Younger Children

There is something mesmerizing about fireworks, with sparks and loud noises grabbing our attention. These things draw the interest of children, in particular. Thus, on the Fourth of July, your children may want to help you light off fireworks. Or, they may want to be close to you as you light them. Resist the temptation to let them participate in this part of the activity. For young ones, lighting fuses can be dangerous. As for sparklers, do not let kids play with them until they are old enough to understand the possible hazards.

Have Water Nearby

Secondly, if everything goes well, you should not have any incidents while you do fireworks. Unfortunately, fireworks can start fires if you are not wise and careful. In case a spark ignites a fire in the grass or on anything else, have water close by. Fill a bucket of water, and keep it next to you as you do your show. Or, make sure your garden hose is ready for action, just in case.

Be Mindful Where You Light Fireworks

When you light your fireworks, use your common sense. For example, never light them indoors. Furthermore, stay away from tall grass, weeds, and dried brush. You should light the fireworks in an open area outdoors.

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Light Them Correctly

When you light fireworks, be sure to light one firework at a time. For instance, lighting multiple fireworks can be dangerous and cause injuries. Do not place your body directly over the device. Furthermore, never hold the firework while you light it, and do not ever point it at someone. In addition, if a firework fails to go off after you light it, then do not try relighting it. Instead, you need to walk away from the dud for at least ten minutes in the case that it is just a delay and goes off. If after ten minutes it still has not gone off, then you need to dunk the firework in water.

Your Fourth of July can be a fun, memorable holiday for everyone. Do not let a firework injury or other emergency with these devices ruin your holiday. Follow these important guidelines this year at your fireworks display.

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