Make Your Dinner Table Joyful This Holiday Season

Homely christmas table setting, decorated with pine branches and rustic tablecloth in the living room of home tree lit background

Thanksgiving and Christmas are joyous times of the year. You will welcome family and friends into your San Antonio, TX, home for gatherings and fun. To get people in a festive mood, you can adorn your home with decorations. This isn’t limited to the outside of your home, walls, and mantle shelves. For example, your kitchen table can have some gorgeous, playful centerpieces and table décor. You can check out a variety of intriguing ideas that you, your family, and your guests will love.

Candy Cane Place Card Holders

Assigned seating isn’t always a hit at a party. However, if you have a little fun with it, people may get into the spirit more. All you’ve got to do is make a place card out of cardstock paper and decorate it however you’d like. Secondly, grab some mini candy cane for the holds. Attach three together and place them with the staff facing up. The cards should fit nicely on the hook part of the cane.

Christmas Light Napkin Ring

What do you do when your Christmas light bulbs burn out? Most people probably toss them in the trash. But you can save them for delightful napkin rings for your next holiday meal. It’s a simple process. Firstly, take some hot glue and attach some red and white twine at the bottom of the lights. Next, tie the light rings around colorful napkins. Include these with your table settings, and you’re sure to get some smiles.

Napkin Bells

Sticking with the napkin theme, you can use miniature bells to spread some holiday cheer. For instance, instead of putting bland napkins on the table, attach tiny bells at one of the corners. You can find these at any craft store near you. Plus, it’s easy to put the bells on the napkins.

Plaid Blankets Become Tablecloths

During the cold holiday months, you probably have blankets on your living room sofa and chairs. These can serve another purpose. If you’ve got some plaid blankets, try placing these over your table as a substitute for a traditional tablecloth. These are bound to get some spills during dinner, so much sure you use older ones you don’t mind getting dirty.

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Pinecones and Flowers

Pinecones and flowers can be decorations all year-round, including Christmastime. A selection of red and white flowers makes for a cheery ambiance in your kitchen. Add pinecones, and you can create a cozy, comfortable atmosphere for your dinner get-together.

You can make your upcoming holiday meal more than just a meal. The right decoration can help you celebrate this joyful time of year.

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