Enjoy The Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival

"Throwing the weight over the bar" is a Scottish Highland Games event.

Do you have strong Scottish roots? Or are you simply a fan of Celtic culture? Don a kilt in your favorite or personal clan tartan pattern and make plans to attend this year’s Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival. The festival is held in San Antonio at the Helotes Festival Grounds on April 1st and 2nd. When you attend this event, you are sure to enjoy authentic Scottish culture.

Athletics Events

The Highland Games are long historic tradition that has taken place in the Celtic culture and may epitomize the very definition it is to be Scottish. The Highland Games consist of several musical and sporting events, including the athletics competition. At the 2023 Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival, you can not only watch the athletic events but participate as well. The athletic events consist of feats of strength such as the Braemar Stone, Heavy Hammer, Weight Over Bar, Caber Toss, and more.

Music & Dancing

You cannot attend a true Scottish festival without music or dancing. The Celtic people are as passionate about their athletic competitions as they are about their music. When you attend the festival, you can witness fabulous performances from artists and bands. If you love to watch  Highland dance, then you can witness dancers performing traditional dances such as the Seann Triubhas, Pas de Basque, Sword Dance, Jig, and more.

Other Events

Aside from the Highland Games, the dancing, and music, there are many other things to participate in and enjoy at the 2023 Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival. There is a Dog Agility Course that you can watch as fine Scottish dog breeds demonstrate their fine abilities. At the festival, you can learn about clan history and Scottish heritage as well as see if you have historic roots in any of the Scottish clans. There are plenty of vendors at the festival where you may purchase kilts, jewelry, and Scottish treats.

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Visit the Festival

For a fun weekend filled with Celtic culture, come visit the 2023 Highland Games & Celtic Music Festival. Purchase tickets for the festival today. You are certain to have a wonderful, fun-filled weekend.

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