Follow These Signs To Know When Your Vehicle Needs Service

Mechanic checking level of new engine oil .

Taking good care of one’s car is essential for all San Antonio, TX, drivers. Regular maintenance and making timely repairs will extend the vehicle’s life. These steps will also help to prevent major problems and breakdowns. But sometimes, car troubles sneak up on you — and they always seem to happen at the worst times. However, there are some clues you can look for so you will know when it is time to service your car.

Dirty Oil

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It keeps the engine well lubricated so parts can function properly. But over time, dirt and debris can infiltrate the oil. The oil can also become sludgy if it sits too long. You need to regularly change the oil in your vehicle, so the engine does its job well, and the car runs efficiently. If you are not sure whether it is time to do this service, just look at the color of the oil.

Healthy engine oil should be lighter in color — amber-like. As it gets dirty, the color will turn darker. Check your oil regularly by pulling out the dipstick. If it is dark brown or black, it is time to take your car in for an oil change.

Exhaust Concerns

In the wintertime, when temperatures start to fall, you may see the vapor or car exhaust coming from the tailpipe. But normally, there shouldn’t be any unusual colors. If blue or gray smoke starts coming out, you need to service your vehicle right away. For example, you probably have an oil leak somewhere that a technician needs to address.

Pay attention to odd smells coming from the exhaust, too. Moreover, you may smell a burning-oil odor from this area. Do not put off taking your car to a professional.

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Falling Gas Mileage

You should keep an eye on the fuel economy of your vehicle. Your car will go farther on a tank of gas when you drive on the highway rather than in stop-and-go traffic. However, your vehicle should stay consistent with its gas mileage. If you realize that you are filling up more often than you used to, various issues could be at play.

Often, the car’s oil is to blame. When the oil is dirty, the engine will have to work harder to perform. Or, if the car is low on oil, it will take more fuel to get you where you need to go. Above all, don’t ignore falling gas mileage problems. These will not go away on their own.

These three signs are common issues that car owners encounter. If you spot any of these, bring your car to the service department of Genesis of NW San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. The team can inspect your car and determine what is causing these concerns.

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