Get Outside With These Ideas!


Family time is just more fun when it’s able to be shared outdoors. Soak up the sun and the breeze of spring before the heat of summer comes along. Here are some ideas to fill your time!

Grow Something Together

If you want to reap the benefits of a fresh garden this summer, you’re going to want to get started on growing that now. Especially while the weather is transitioning, it’s the perfect time to do some research on plants that grow the best in the spring and summer months and stock up on supplies. You can each plant something!

Bike Riding

When was the last time you actually rode a bike? Dust yours off and take it for a spin this weekend. If it’s just a leisurely stroll, or a 10-mile hike, that breeze on your face will be more than worth it.


Take a trip to a local state park, or just pitch a tent right there in your backyard. This is the perfect activity for families with younger children. Your kids will think you’re cool for suggesting it, and you’ll have the chance to spend quality time together.

Plan A Picnic

There’s nothing more peaceful than sitting under the sky on a nice, fluffy quilt with some snacks and your family by your side. Pretzels, cheese, grapes, lunch meat, crackers, and carrots make perfect picnic snacks so everyone stays full and happy.

Family Barbecue

Put the whole family to work to create a meal they will never forget! Instead of staying inside to cook, get everyone outside, and assign different tasks so the whole family is included. Have everyone decide on a side dish they want to eat, and let them pitch in by making it. You’ll have quality time together AND a quality meal.

Play Frisbee

Chances are that you haven’t played frisbee since grade school. Sharpen those skills and get back out there! Teach your kids and make it a full family game. Google the rules and keep score, or turn it into frisbee golf for some friendly competition.

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