Prepare Your Teen For Their First Summer Job

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As your son or daughter leaves their teenage years to enter adulthood, you feel both happy and sad. After all, your baby isn’t a baby anymore. However, you did your job as a parent by raising them with love and instilling good morals. When it’s time to start working, you’ll want to help prepare your child for their first job.

Whether they go to work for a local fast-food restaurant or they’re offered a position with a law firm, they’ll need your guidance and support. Below are some excellent options.

The Interview

Teach your child about what happens during an interview process. Often, that’s unnerving for adults, so you can only imagine how your son or daughter feels.

The Right Presentation

Talk to them about their capabilities to build confidence. At the same time, remind them to remain humble. Also, have them research the companies that they’re interested in. That way, they’ll have some knowledge of its history and philosophy, which will win them a few points.

Appropriate Attire

It doesn’t matter if they apply as a janitor, landscaper, bank teller, and so on. They need to dress the part. That doesn’t mean they need to wear an expensive suit and tie or dress. However, they should wear business casual attire. When it comes to interviews, the way a job candidate dresses speaks volumes.

In addition, talk to them about their image. That doesn’t mean portraying themselves as someone they’re not. Instead, it’s about good grooming. The right attire, clean hair, little to no perfume or cologne, and very little jewelry will go a long way in making an impression.

When it comes to body piercings, less is more in the workplace. Especially if they’re applying for a position that deals with the public, they want to look approachable. Away from work, they can showcase their piercings.

Behavior and Attitude

Again, you want your child to look and feel confident. At the same time, they shouldn’t come across as cocky, arrogant, or overly qualified for the position. More than likely, they’ll secure an entry-level position for their first job. For that reason, they’ll need to listen and learn.

By nature, many young adults struggle to understand why they can’t work as the CEO on the first day of the job. This is where you can address “climbing the ladder” and the benefits it provides.

Not only is behavior and attitude important while interviewing with a company but also after they’re hired. If they wait on customers, let them know that while they’ll enjoy helping most people, some will make their day miserable.

Rather than feel frustrated or disrespected, they can use the different situations to learn and grow. In other words, you can show them how to deal with difficult people the right way, which will benefit them throughout their lives.

Safety First

Regardless of the type of work, you can help them stay safe at work by offering some advice. For example, it’s never okay to use their cell phone on the job. That includes sending a quick message or making a brief call. For one thing, most employers don’t tolerate that. For another, depending on the work your child does, that distraction could lead to a serious injury or worse.

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Provide Them With a Lot of Support

In addition to discussing the interview process and what’s acceptable while working, support your child. After all, they’re venturing into the unknown. So, when they come home feeling frustrated, lend an ear, and offer loving advice.

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