Protect Your Garden This Winter

woman working in her garden during the winter

Winter is unpredictable, especially in San Antonio, Texas. There may be a chill here and there, or it may be 70 degrees – you never know! If you want to keep your yard or garden beautiful and strong through the hit-and-miss Texas winter, check out these ways for caring for your garden.

Add Mulch

Mulch is great for your garden year-round, but it is especially essential in the winter. Mulch acts as a security blanket, as it protects plants from the cold. You might ask, what about soil? Will it do the trick? Put simply, not for winter. When soil gets cold, it will actually weigh on the plant, pushing roots out of the ground, especially when it comes to plants like gaillardia and heucherella. Once there is a first freeze or the temperature drops, apply three to five inches of mulch to your garden.

Winter Watering

You might think watering your plants during the winter isn’t needed, but that’s far from true. Your trees will lose a great amount of moisture, especially in the winter, so it’s important to revive them with the drink of water they need. If you see a hard freeze is on its way, be sure to water your plants 24 hours beforehand.

Protecting Trees

If your tree is a little guy? Protect thin or smooth bark from a southwest injury or sunscald with a trunk wrap. Once the spring season arrives, be sure to remove it.

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Water Features

Don’t forget about protecting your water features as well. You probably spent a lot of money on those grand fountains, and you would hate for them to be no-good when spring arrives. Ceramic easily cracks when it freezes, so be sure to drain the water before freezing temperatures.

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