Good Eats At San Antonio Flavor!


San Antonio is definitely not lacking in the flavor department. The proof is in the tens of thousands of people who visit each week just to try some of the local cuisines. Restaurants like The Jerk Shack, The Rustic, NACOMexican Eatery, Grille 254, Leon Valley Cafe, and Botika bring folks from all over to see what all of the hype is about. And spoiler alert, no one is disappointed! Perhaps the best place to see a showcasing of the talents in the area is at San Antonio Flavor 2020, a culinary showdown taking place this month! Keep on reading, because this is one event you (and your mouth) do not want to miss.

Roast Assured…

…You will have a great time on March 19! With all of the action that’s about to take place, this night will be nothing short of fantastic. Tickets start at $50, and are available to purchase right now! One ticket gets you entry to the showdown, access to the live music and DJs, a  glimpse of the Contemporary Art Month art installation, and most importantly, bites of the best food the city has to offer. You will be able to sample food from over 30 restaurants from various cuisines, and also watch the actual showdown which stars the top chefs in the area. Food, entertainment, drinks… what more could you ask for?

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Worth the Whisk

Not sure what food to expect? Here are some of the featured restaurants and bakeries you can expect to see: Leon Valley Cafe, Miss Chickpea’s Bake Shop, NACOMexican Eatery, Panifico Bake Shop, Primero Cantina At La Cantera Resort, Savor Restaurant, The Art of Donutonut, The Beignet Stand, The Jerk Shack, The Rustic – San Antonio, Tiff’s Treats, Brookie Pie’s Sweets, and Cakes By Felicia. Don’t see your all-time favorite? Don’t worry, they’re probably on the full list.

Something you might not know about San Antonio Flavor is that the proceeds benefit Culinaria. The independent non-profit promotes community togetherness through food, acting to enrich the lives and culinary experience of everyone who participates. Various events include Restaurants Weeks, 5ks, festivals, and other opportunities they provide such as culinary education. So not only are you getting to sample so many delicious bites with your ticket, but you’re also allowing others to do so as well.

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