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Lace Up For The El Chupacabra De San Antonio Nighttime Trail Run

El Chupacabra De San Antonio Nighttime Trail Run
Love to run? Love going out at night? Then you are absolutely going to love going to the El Chupacabra de San Antonio Nighttime Trail Run. There are both 5K and 10K races available, so no matter how far you want to run, there’s an option available for you. This... [read more]

Free Yoga On The Plaza

Yoga on the Plaza
Working out is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and physical health. One type of workout that’s especially good for you is yoga. Not only do you get a workout in, but you’ll also relax your mind and body while getting a good stretch... [read more]

Enjoy Outdoor Yoga At Vinyasa With A View

Vinyasa With A View
Let’s face it. Mondays can be rough. Right after you come off of a great weekend, you have to hit the grindstone once again. Therefore, you might be looking for a way to relax after work. Two great ways to do that are to do yoga and get outside. But... [read more]

Lace Up For The Family Health & Wellness 5K

Family Health & Wellness 5K
Spring in San Antonio is so beautiful. We all love to take advantage of the longer days and blooming flowers before things get too hot in the summer. If you’re looking for a great way to get your whole group of friends or family out and enjoying the sunshine, think... [read more]