Thistlewood Manor & Gardens Is The Perfect Place For A Texas Wedding

Elegantly decorated wedding reception venue

There are hundreds of ways to say getting married. Tying the knot, jumping the broom, and getting hitched are just a few. The phrase you use to identify the event doesn’t matter. However, one thing that does matter is the venue. Your wedding day is a day you will remember for the rest of your life, so where you choose to walk down the aisle plays a big part in shaping that memory. If you’re searching for a beautiful place to begin you’re happily-ever-after, take a look at Thistlewood Manor & Garden.

Thistlewood Manor & Gardens Options

Thistlewood Manor & Gardens has more than one location for you and your beloved to tie the knot. Each location sets a different mood and deciding which location is best for your wedding begins with establishing a clear vision and theme for your wedding. Whether you want an elegant indoor wedding or a colorful outdoor event, Thistlewood Manor and Gardens can accommodate you. Each location has catering, seating, and inclusive design plans available.  Check out the available locations below.

The Manor

The Thistlewood Manor is a gorgeous French-inspired structure that doesn’t need decorations to be breathtakingly beautiful.  The indoor location can comfortably accommodate 180 guests or well over 200 when the patio is added. Inside, guests will be seated in lovely, French, cane-back chairs around square tables. If you opt to include the patio in your rental, folding chairs are provided for your outdoor ceremony.

The Ballroom

With its grand staircase and faux-marble floors, The Ballroom might remind you of a moment in Cinderella or The Princess Diaries. The bride will certainly be able to have her fairytale moment and make a grand entrance as she descends the staircase. The Ballroom has enough space to seat an intimate party of 15 people to a crowd of 170 and still leave room for a dance floor.

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The Courtyard

The Courtyard is Thistlewood Manor and Gardens’ primary outdoor space. It features a garden that is always being developed and improved and enough open space for an extremely personalized aesthetic. If you choose, there is enough room for tents to protect your guests from the weather and provide shade.

Once you’ve selected the perfect location for your wedding come see us at Genesis of NW San Antonio and we’ll help you find the perfect set of wheels to paint “Just Married” onto.

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