How To Know It Is Time For New Tires

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Some parts of your car can last for several years before they begin to wear out. However, with tires, it’s a different story. Your vehicle’s tires go through a lot and take abuse every time you drive in San Antonio, TX, and beyond. A good set of tires can work well for up to 60,000 miles or more. Still, the time will come when you’ll need to replace them. If you aren’t sure when you should do this, pay attention to some warning signs.

Let Honest Abe Help

There’s an old trick where a penny can tell you whether the tread on your tires has worn away too much. Take a penny and place it Lincoln’s head-down into a groove. If you still see the top of the 16th president’s head, there isn’t enough tread to drive safely. Driving on poor tire treading is dangerous and can lead to a blowout.

The Air Pressure Is Falling

Another clear sign that you need new tires is when the air pressure is getting lower. For example, you may notice when you go out to your car that a tire is low and starting to appear flat. This probably means there is a slow leak somewhere. It’s possible that patching the tire could solve the problem, but getting new tires may be necessary too. It’s smart to periodically check the air pressure. The tires should have around 30 to 35 pounds per square inch of pressure.

There Is Uneven Wear

You may notice that some parts of a tire look as good as new. However, another side of the same tire could look well worn. Uneven wear usually occurs when the tires haven’t had a rotation or alignment service in a while. Damage to the suspension could also cause this. Either way, you’ll need new tires pretty soon if this condition is present.

Cracked Tires

Regularly inspect the tires on your vehicle. If you notice cracking in the rubber, it’s a clear clue that it’s time to go shopping for tires right away. Tires will crack as they get older and to the end of their life. It is not safe to drive on cracked tires.

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Bad Vibrations

You may have experienced vibrations in your vehicle while behind the wheel. This can be the result of different issues. Worn-out tires are one of these. There could be damage to one or more tires. A technician should inspect your vehicle promptly to determine the cause and how to fix it.

You can’t safely or effectively drive if your tires are not in good order. If any of these problems are evident with your tires or vehicle, bring your car to the service team at Genesis of Northwest San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. The technicians can replace the affected tires and give you peace of mind on the road again.

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