Tips & Tricks To Stick To Your Resolution

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“New Year, New me.” That is how the saying goes, right? However, every year it gets harder to stick to our resolutions. This year check out these tips from VeryWell Mind to help you make the changes you want. Whether it is to pick up a new hobby, explore more, or cut back on screen time, VeryWell has ten tips to keep you going strong all year long.

Get in the Right Mindset

A big part of maintaining resolutions is your mindset. Be positive, but also keep pushing when it gets tough. Remind yourself in overwhelming moments that change takes time. In tough moments renew your motivation by making a list of why you are doing this resolution. You also have to learn and adapt, take moments when you relapse into bad habits, and review why and how to avoid that again. And in hard moments, keep pushing yourself toward your goal.

Find Accountability

Everyone needs accountability to keep up good habits, and accountability will look different for everyone. Have someone who can keep you accountable because they have the same resolution or care. Plus, plan in advance and stick to the plan to keep yourself accountable. Write this plan in a journal or type and print it out so you can keep up with it. Celebrate the milestones you hit to keep yourself inspired.

Make Resolutions Easier

Start off with one resolution instead of many, this will already be easier to keep and maintain. Make your resolutions specific as well, so there is no wiggle room for loopholes or misunderstandings. For example, “I will read a chapter a night” instead of “I will read in the New Year.” Start with small steps as well to not overwhelm yourself. Instead of saying you will cook a meal every night, say you will cook twice a week.

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Do Not Self-Sabotage

Try to avoid making last year’s resolution. By not making the same resolution, you are avoiding repeating failure but also reminding yourself of last year’s failure. If you are dead set on making the same resolution again, reevaluate what went wrong and make a plan to avoid last year’s mistakes. Remember to give yourself grace when you get overwhelmed.



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