Forget Spring Cleaning, Try Spring Redecorating!


Spring cleaning is important, but what if we told you that you can clean up while you also spruce up? Cleaning is a way to get things tidy, but there’s also a way to tidy while you refresh, and that’s called Spring Redecorating! In four simple steps, you can have a new look and a fresh clean for your space, all in one!

Start With The Lights

The lighting in a room can be crucial to the overall feel. If you have outdated or out-of-season lights, it’s time to change those up. Plus, there’s the fact that light bulbs and shades can collect dust, and over time start to look dirty. By replacing your lights with a bolder light fixtures (let’s say, yellow or red?) you’re creating a brighter and cleaner environment in one sweep.

Coral Accents

If you have had your accent pillows for a while, or if they are more winter colors (maroon, black, dark green, etc), skip the wash, and replace them with some fresh pops of coral. One or two coral-colored pillows and a cozy coral blanket at the edge of your bed creates a springy look and leaves you with a clean set of pillows.

Marks On The Wall?

Whether you have kids who wipe their hands on the walls, or you’re just clumsy and bump into it from time to time, marks on the wall are inevitable. However, instead of repainting or spending hours scrubbing them off, this could be a chance to add a little bit of floral into your scheme. Floral wallpaper will spruce up the scene and cover up the dirty spots.

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Real Floral

Adding greenery can literally clean the air, and really add a vibrant feel to the room. Start off with a few floral centerpieces to line the middle of your table, and if that isn’t enough, add a little succulent to your side tables and coffee table. It’s the pop of color and cleanliness you need to finish off the project of redecorating!

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