What Is New For Genesis Vehicles In 2023

Genesis car

Beginning as a Hyundai Sedan to now being its own luxury car brand, Genesis has new models this year to keep the brand on top. The G70, G80, and G90 are all luxury four-door vehicles, each with some updated features for this new year. MotorTrend helps break down what is new, plus the pros and cons for you so you can find the best fit.

G70 Sedan

To begin with, the 19-inch wheels are standard on all trims. Plus, there has been a name change for the four-cylinder G70 Prestige to the Sports Prestige. Not to mention, additional equipment also has dark chrome exterior accents, aluminum interior trim, ventilated front seats, and alloy pedals. The six-cylinder Sports Prestige trims have gained a power trunk. Lastly, the Siberian Ice and Mallorca Blue paint options have been discontinued.

G80 Sedan

The beginning of Genesis, which replaced the Hyundai Genesis when the brand spun off from Hyundai to be a luxury brand. Here are the new features for the G80 this year: the 2.5T Sports Prestige trim now has the 12.3-inch 3D digital instrument cluster, this was only available in the V-6 models before. They also now have 19-inch alloys, sport exterior trim, aluminum interior trim, and upgraded front breaks.

What might be the most exciting is that the G80 now also comes as the G80 Electric, completely battery powered with 365 horsepower and a range estimated at around 282 miles.

G90 Sedan

Originally the Equus back at Hyundai, the G90 has little in common with its predecessor and perhaps has the most luxurious feel out of the Genesis lineup. The G90 was completely restyled for 2023, including the brand’s signature twin-bar lighting and pentagonal front grille. Plus, a VIP rear seating package that allows a completely flat recline. Not to mention, a Korean automaker is adding new a new electronically controlled suspension system, which scans the road ahead to smooth out bumps.

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Pros and Cons

For the G70, some major pros include a sporty and engaging V-6 model, great feature-per-dollar value, and fresh and distinctive styling. For cons, the rear-seating space is tight, there is no hybrid or electric option, and the base engine performance is lacking.

Lets talk pros and cons and the G80. Pros, a spacious interior, a fantastic value and warranty, and the new electric model. The cons are coarse gas powertrains, a stiff, unsettled suspension, and it is not as fast as the G70 and G90.

The G90 sounds amazing, truly a luxurious car. Here are some pros for the 2023 model: amazing looks, features that feel luxurious, and huge rear seating space. Some cons are that there are no electronic or hybrid options and it has less prestige than an S-Class or 7 Series.

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