4 Ways To Ring In The New Year At Home

Family celebrating New Years Eve together.

New Year’s Eve has long since surpassed New Year’s Day as the more popular time for celebration. Counting down the year and ringing in the next one is usually an even spent out on the town or at a party with friends and family. However there are lots of reasons to ring in the new year at home.  If you’re planning to forego the parties this New Year’s Eve, take a look at these fun ways you can celebrate in the comfort of your home.

Create the Perfect Snack Board

If you’re staying in on New Year’s Eve you’re going to need something to eat. Start your  celebration with a snack board. Make a few scrumptious appetizers then grab your favorite board and pile it high with tasty morsels of fruit, nuts, veggies, and a selection of fine meat and cheeses.

Have A Board Game Competition

Once you have you snack board ready, pull out your favorite board games to pass the time until the ball drops. Invite a few friends over and tell them to bring their favorite board games. Or, grab a few games that you can enjoy with your family. Here’s a list of a few amazing board games your family will have a blast playing.

Play Video Games

Do you have a few gamers in your inner circle? Instead of board games you can pick a few couch co-op games to play together. Couch co-op games are not as popular as they once were, but there are still plenty of amazing games you can play together. Check out some of the games that are available here.

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Journal About the Past Year

Before the clock strikes midnight, take a moment to reflect on the past year. You don’t have to have a nice journal to jot down your thoughts about what made the year great. Just grab a pen and a few pieces of paper and spend a few minutes reviewing your accomplishments, achievements, and memorable moments. You can also take this time to set your goals for the next year, make resolutions, and plan ahead for a great year to come.

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