Buying vs. Leasing: Which One Is Right For You?

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When you come to see us at Genesis of Northwest San Antonio, you’ll have no problem finding the right vehicle for your needs. With our dynamic inventory of high-quality new luxury cars and SUVs, we’ll make your car shopping experience easy and rewarding. Once you’ve discovered the model you want, your next decision will be whether you want to buy it to own or lease it for a set period. The right choice is different from driver to driver, so let’s consider the details and weigh your options.

The Big Difference

The main difference between the two options regards ownership of the vehicle. When you make a purchase, that vehicle becomes yours to drive for miles ahead, and it’s a long-term investment that’s paid off over time until you own it outright by the end of the financing plan. On the other hand, when you lease a vehicle, the dealership retains ownership, and when the leasing period is over, the vehicle must be returned to the lot.

Important Details

When you buy a vehicle and make auto loan payments on time, you can bolster your credit as you pay off your investment. While this is a great benefit for drivers who know they want to drive a particular model for years to come, we know that not all drivers are interested in keeping the same model in their driveway for that long. If you prefer shorter periods with a vehicle so that you can hop into new models more often, you might enjoy the flexibility and variety offered by our lease agreements. You’ll also find that lease payments are often lower than auto loan payments. When you purchase a vehicle, it’s also yours to keep and customize, but when you lease a car from the dealership, it must remain in stock condition.

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Genesis of Northwest San Antonio

Whether you prefer to lease a vehicle for a while or purchase it to drive for years, we would love to work with you here at Genesis of Northwest San Antonio. Come check out our new Genesis selection to explore all your options.

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