Sitting In A Chair All Day? Try These 3 Poses


Freelance and remote workers everywhere know just how much sitting in the same chair at home all day can mess with your neck and back. This pain is common, though, and easily fixed. The best way to help ease that discomfort is with a few simple yoga poses that you can do right in that chair! Next snack break you take, pull up this link and start stretching. This could be a new daily routine to keep you feeling good while you get your work done. Because after all, it’s a lot easier to mark off that to-do list when you are not hurting!

Most of these poses focus on breath, so not only will you relieve pain, but you’ll also be doing breathing exercises to calm you down. It’s a win-win! Plant yourself in a chair, and let’s get started.


Even if you’re new to yoga, you’ve probably heard of the cat-cow pose before. The goal is to stretch your back and get your blood flowing. Start by placing your feet on the floor and straightening your spine. Next, place your hands on your knees. Take a deep breath in and roll your shoulders back, sending your shoulder blades as far back as they can go. Then, breathe out deeply, and send your shoulders forwards, creating a crescent shape with your back. Your chin should go from pointing at the ceiling to touching your chest. Repeat this for 5 full in and out breaths, or double if it brings you relief.

Urdhva Hastasana (Raised Hands)

For back pain, one of the best things you can do is straighten your body. That’s why lying down in bed before you fall asleep is so comfortable; the body is straight. This position is super easy to achieve. Just keep your back straight, plant your sit bones, and raise your arms to the sky. Drop your hands, and reach five more times. The straighter you sit, the better this will feel.

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Utthita Parsvakonasana (Extended Side Angle)

Now that you’ve gotten a good spine stretch in, it’s time to do a little twisting. Place your right hand on the outside of your left foot, and lift the left hand to the ceiling. Do the same on the other side. Breathe in as you stretch, and breathe out as you release.

Now that you’ve taken a short break, add these moves into your daily routine and stay stress and pain free!

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