Enjoy These Coffee Shops In San Antonio

Specialty Coffee

It’s an American tradition to start each day with a steaming cup of java. San Antonio residents kept that tradition and became experts at it.  There was once a time when espresso based drinks in San Antonio were only served at a local French restaurant. Now the city is filled with specialty coffee roasters, coffee lounges, and cafes to suit every scene. If you’re looking for a great place for a  brunch date, study session, or just a mug of coffee goodness, check out these local coffee shops.

What’s Brewing? San Antonio Coffee Roasters

What’s Brewing fired up their coffee roasting business in 1979 becoming one of the first local roasters in the city. Since then, they’ve been supplying “freshly roasted and carefully curated” coffee beans to local stores, restaurants,  and coffee shops. You can grab a mug of their specialty brew at the café located at the front of their roasting house. What’s Brewing is open Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Plan your visit carefully because you might loose track of time exploring their collection of pinball machines.

Shotgun House Roasters

If you’re the type that needs a constant flow of caffeine during study sessions, the Shotgun House Roasters is the café for you. Shotgun House has a spacious, eclectic décor and a ton of convenient areas for group studying.  The coffee? Sourced from Central America and Ethiopia, then roasted on site. Even the syrup for their specialty drinks are made in-house to give their customers a one-of-a-kind experience. The café is most known for their seasonal drinks such as the campfire latte.

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A visit to the Commonwealth Coffeehouse & Bakery is a whole experience, and we recommend visiting  one of their locations during weekend brunch hours to get the full scope of all they have to offer. The original Alamo Heights café is located in a historic home that doesn’t just house a café. The location also has a garden, chicken coop and a full kitchen that serves breakfast and lunch. Patrons can enjoy their bites and brews in the cozy indoor dinning area or outside in full view of their garden.  Besides superbly brewed coffee beverages, Commonwealth offers authentic, French artisan, baked goods prepared by Vincent Lacoste. Vincent is a third generation baker from Bordeaux, France.

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