Should You Get Your Oil Changed This Spring?

motor oil pouring
Your car’s engine generates its heartbeat, so it makes sense to keep it running well. That’s why keeping up with regular oil changes can help your vehicle perform as intended for years to come. Springtime could be the right time to take care of this essential maintenance, so don’t delay if your car is due for an oil change this season.

Why Do Drivers Get Their Oil Changed in the Spring?

We’ve come a long way from the old days of motor oil, but many drivers still remember the days of winter-grade oil. Decades ago, cars needed a specially formulated winter-grade motor oil to successfully startup during cold weather. This seasonal application made it practical for drivers to have their oil changed to the cold-weather formulation in the winter, and then to a fresh, regular oil for the spring. While modern oil can perform well in a wide range of temperatures, it’s not uncommon for drivers to still get their oil changed at the start of spring.

Why Does My Car Need Clean Oil?

Clean engine oil is key to keeping your engine’s moving parts from wearing down or overheating. By lubricating those fast-moving components, it protects against wear and tear, which could otherwise lead to costly engine damage if left unchecked. Getting your oil changed on a regular basis can also help filter out any troublesome particles or contaminants that might interfere with proper performance.

When is it Time for an Oil Change?

When a vehicle is past-due for its oil change, it will start to exhibit some warning signs that driver’s shouldn’t ignore. Stay alert for a burning smell or other strong odor making its way into your cabin, as this could be a sign that your engine isn’t being cooled properly. You might notice the “Check Engine” light go on along your dashboard, and you might even hear some concerning noises like grinding or knocking sounds. If your car has a dipstick, you can also pull that up to inspect the oil quality. If it’s grainy or cloudy, it’s time for an oil change.

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Genesis of Northwest San Antonio

Whenever your vehicle is ready for an oil change, you can count on the professionals at Genesis of Northwest San Antonio. Bring your car to our San Antonio service center for expert maintenance.

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