How To Keep That “New Car” Smell

new car smell

Besides the sheer thrill of having a new set of wheels, the best thing about a new car is the “new car” smell. Unfortunately, it can fade pretty quickly. The good news is there are measures you can take to keep it. Read on for a guide on how to make your vehicle smell like it’s brand new again.

What Is The “New Car” Smell?

Even though everyone loves the smell of a new car, most people have no idea where the intoxicating scent comes from. The truth might surprise you. The “new car” smell’s origins aren’t glamorous. It comes from a chemical process known as off-gassing caused by the plastics and adhesives in modern car interiors.

Why Does The “New Car” Smell Fade?

No matter what you do the “new car” smell will fade over time. However, other smells introduced to your car’s interior can mute it faster. Every new scent contributes to the new smell your car develops. That includes the smell of your body wash, your hair spray, greasy fast food, pet dander, and even dead skin cells from the car’s occupants.

How Do You Keep the New Car Smell?

Seeing as the main culprit for its demise is the introduction of other scents, limiting or removing them can help you maintain the new car smell. How? With a simple cleaning routine. Follow these steps to keep the “new car” smell for as long as possible.

  • Vacuum regularly: Dirt, dead skin cells, and crumbs accumulating on the seats and floor of your vehicle can cause a stale odor in your car, so vacuum them regularly.
  • Clean your floor mats: Floor mats accumulate dirt and debris even faster than your seats, so clean them just as often. If you have rubber mats, you can quickly clean them by hosing them down. If you have mats made of carpet, you’ll need to scrub them with an upholstery brush.
  • Shampoo your seats: Likewise, you can use an upholstery brush and a cleaning solution like Resolve to shampoo cloth seats.
  • Keep the vents clean: You can use a repurposed toothbrush and Armor All cleaner to keep your vents clean.

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