Keep Pollen Out Of Your Car This Season

Pollen on car

Did you know that in addition to making life miserable for millions of allergy sufferers, pollen can damage your vehicle? Not only does that include the exterior but also the interior. Here’s the good news. You can prevent anything from happening. In addition, have your car serviced at Genesis of NW San Antonio in Texas to enjoy an optimal ride.

What Is Pollen?

In simple terms, pollen is the yellowish powder transferred by the wind from plant to plant. However, birds, various animals, and even insects can transport it as well. Although it helps to fertilize trees and plants, it can make a mess on and inside your car.

Below are several steps to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and prevent allergy symptoms while driving.

Clean or Replace the Filter

If you drive a car built before 2000, it probably doesn’t have a cabin filter. On the other hand, that’s something that automakers include in the design of newer model cars, SUVs, trucks, and minivans.

So, depending on the year of your car, you’ll either need to have the cabin filter replaced or have one installed. That’s important if you want to prevent pollen from entering the inside of your vehicle. For the most part, pieces of pollen are relatively big. For that reason, a cabin filter easily blocks them.

Now, if your vehicle already has a filter, most manufacturers suggest having it changed annually. However, if you live in a rural area or drive on dusty roads, you should have it swapped out every six months. In addition to stopping pollen from entering your car, the filter will subdue unpleasant odors.

Thoroughly Clean the Interior

Additionally, take time to clean the inside of your vehicle now that spring is here. Keep in mind that pollen is sticky. Therefore, it adheres to just about everything. Along with wiping down surfaces, pay special attention to the air ducts. For those, a small piece of cloth or cotton swabs work great.

You also want to vacuum every inch of the interior. In addition, shampoo it. That’ll ensure that you don’t leave any pollen behind. After all, it’s not easy to see.

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Take Care of the Exterior

As mentioned, pollen is sticky. That means once it blows in the direction of your car, it’ll stick to the surface. As a result, it can cause the paint to fade. Also, it can lead to scratches. In this case, wash your vehicle using a quality and non-abrasive cleaning product. After that, you’ll want to wax your car.

However, before you do, ensure you’ve removed any pollen from every surface. That includes the hood, doors, fenders, wheels, and so on. Here’s another tip. If your vehicle doesn’t have a clear coat, you might consider having one applied.

Especially when driving a nice car, you want it to protect it. Along with doing the recommended things to eliminate pollen, be sure to have it serviced regularly. In Texas, you can trust the certified technicians at Genesis of NW San Antonio in San Antonio.

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