Spring Cleaning For Your Vehicle

Bucket with sponges and brush with lots of foam next to car tire.

When it’s time for you to start your spring cleaning projects don’t forget about your car. Start the season off with a gleaming vehicle when you follow this vehicle spring cleaning guide.

Deep Clean Your Interior

Your car isn’t just a method of transportation. It often serves as a makeshift office, a meeting place, or even a dining room. With all your vehicle does, it’s not a surprise that trash, dirt, loose papers, and crumbs can accumulate over time. Get your interior back in shape with a deep cleaning session this spring. Start by tossing out food containers, old receipts, and wrappers. If you have documents scattered around the cabin, gather them up, sort them out, then file them properly inside your home or office. Next, use a gentle, fine-bristle brush to remove dirt and dust from your seats and other surfaces. Then, vacuum seats, rugs, and the floor.  Now that all of the trash is discarded, organize the items that you keep in your vehicle.

Make Your Exterior Shine

You can drive your vehicle through an express car wash if you’re pressed for time, but poorly maintained brushes in automated car washes can damage your vehicle’s paint job. Plus, nothing beats a good hand wash and wax. Start by washing your tires with a non-acid product. If you want to finely detail your wheels and tires you can use a small brush or tooth brush to clean small spaces. Next, use a car wash solution and a microfiber cloth to clean your entire exterior. Avoid using household products like hand soap or dish washing liquid because they can damage the finish. Finally, completely dry your vehicle instead of letting it air dry. If you allow your vehicle to air dry, it may leave streaks or accumulate dirt pollen and debris all over again. Finally apply a coat of wax to protect your paint job.

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Clean your Windows

For your windows, you will once again use a microfiber cloth and a mild cleaner to wipe away dirt, pollen, and other road debris. It’s best to find a cleaner that doesn’t contain ammonia. Ammonia can damage your car windows. Lastly, make sure to roll your windows down and clean the very top of your window as well.

If you don’t have time to clean your vehicle or you want professional detailing services, schedule an appointment with Genesis of NW San Antonio.

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