Three Restaurants Open On Turkey Day

roasted turkey leg

Is Thanksgiving — the decorating, the cooking, the cleaning — too much this year? Man, we can’t blame you. Real talk: This year has been a lot. Maybe you’re too busy to plan that grand Thanksgiving meal; maybe you’ve lost a family member who made the holiday special; maybe you’re alone for the holiday this year. Whatever the reason you want to dine out, you can still get a great meal on this holiday. There are several terrific restaurants that are open in San Antonio for Thanksgiving this year. Here are three of our favorites:

Perry’s Steakhouse

Never been to Perry’s Steakhouse? You’re missing out. While Perry’s is a (small) chain restaurant that started in Houston, it features one of our favorite dishes: The seven-finger pork chop. The dinner portion of this pork chop is stunning, and it’s cooked perfectly. One of the best parts, though, is that the chop is carved tableside. Just like any good Thanksgiving meal, you’ll be taking leftovers home to enjoy the next day.

Biga on the Banks

Biga on the Banks is the brainchild of London, England-born Bruce Auden. It’s on the Riverwalk, and the view isn’t the only thing that’s stunning. Biga on the Banks offers a beautifully inspired touch to nouvelle American cuisine. From the current menu, one of our favorites is the spiced south Texas antelope and Lockhart quail. It’s a signature dish on an adventurous and smartly designed menu. But they also have a Thanksgiving meal planned, so make sure to book your reservation today if you’d like to try a bit of real elegance this Thanksgiving.

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Boiler House Texas Grill

Boiler House Texas Grill is housed in a beautiful, spacious spot, and the food lives up to the gorgeous interior décor. Boiler House plans to host a ‘country-style’ Thanksgiving dinner, so be prepared to eat your fill of some really great, traditional Thanksgiving food. And hey, Boiler House isn’t just for holidays. Two of our favorites from the brunch menu include the Burger al Pastor and the barbacoa grilled cheese.

Wherever you go for Thanksgiving dinner in San Antonio, you’re sure to find great and satisfying meals!

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